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There are many candidates running for Livonia City Council and I believe it is important that I share my position on  issues you care about.

You can also view my responses to the Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum on my YouTube channel at the link below.

Fiscally Responsible Recycling for Livonia

Almost exactly a year ago Livonia was considering buying the large, wheeled, 64-gallon recycling bins for all households. The city administration and some council members supported the city spending around $1 million on the larger bins. (Residents who wanted to recycle curbside would no longer be able to use the smaller orange bins.) I heard from a lot of residents - especially seniors - who were opposed to being forced to use the larger bins and I knew the economics of recycling were changing.

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Commercial Rehabilitation and Political Half Truths

I would like to address an important item that came before City Council at our Regular Meeting on Monday, September 9. Unfortunately there is incorrect information regarding the item that is posted and circulating on Facebook. The misinformation - stating that the city is "giving away" money - was shared by another candidate for Livonia City Council who either does not understand how tax incentives work or wants to mislead Livonia Citizens for political advantage.
The truth is that in the short-term Livonia's tax revenue stays constant while Livonia gets a beautiful new $6.5 million upscale hotel, revitalization of a vacant, deteriorating site, new jobs and more patrons for Livonia businesses. However, over the long-term Livonia receives significantly more tax revenue and the continuing benefits of a revitalized I96 corridor, jobs and economic activity.
I have provided more details below for anyone who is interested:

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