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Fiscally Responsible Recycling for Livonia

I am data driven so I conducted an informal survey of residents' curb side recycling habits by walking different neighborhood streets on their refuse collection days, read a lot about municipal recycling and the global recycling industry, and spent a morning at RRRASOC (Resource Recovery Recycling Authority of SW Oakland County) where most of Livonia's collected recycling waste ends up. I watched as workers had to manually extract a steady stream non-recyclable items (many of the same items mentioned in the attached article), pluck out greasy pizza boxes and half empty jars of peanut butter and stop the conveyor when plastic garbage bags clogged the machinery. The RRRASOC director explained that in the past high prices for recycled plastic and paper had helped communities reduce their overall costs for solid waste collection, but that prices were falling precipitously because of a global gut of recycled plastic and paper.
While I am a strong proponent of reduce, recycle and reuse, I couldn't support a plan that I thought was a poor use of taxpayer money and would end up costing the city more over the longer term. Fortunately the plan did not move forward.
Earlier this year, the City of Westland, which had adopted use of 92-gallon carts [thank you Mayor Wild for the correction] announced that due to a sharp increase in recycling program costs, the program would have to be suspended. Everything collected in Westland's recycling bins is now sent to landfill with the rest of the regular trash. (According to Mayor Wild, Westland will be able to resume a modified recycling program late this year.)
As your Councilperson, I strive to dig for information to help me make well-informed decisions - especially when it comes to spending your money.
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